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Malai Kofta

Its a very popular vegetarian dish. Its a very rich and delicious paneer dish.
Ingredients:  Kofta: Paneer: 1 cup (grated)Potato: 1 large boiledCornflour: 1 tbspGreen Chilli: 2 -3 (finely chopped)Coriander: 1 tbsp choppedSalt: as per tasteChat Masla Powder: 1/2 tspMaida (all purpose flour): 2 tbspOil for deep frying
Gravy: Onion: 1 large (Paste)Ginger garlic paste: 1 tbspButter: 1 tbspGaram Masala: 1/2 tspTomato: 1 large (pureed)Red chilli Powder: 1 tbspSalt : as per tasteCashew : handful Soakedoil: 1 tbspEdible Red Color: a pinch
Procedure: Heat oil for deep frying Mash together all the ingredients for the kofta (except maids) and make a smooth dough. Take small balls and shape into koftas. Make a wash with maida and water. Once the oil is hot, deep individual koftas into the maida wash and fry them in hot oil, till golden brown. Make a fine paste of the soaked cashew. For the gravy heat oil in a kadhai. Add the onion paste to the hot oil and for 2-4 minutes or till the raw smell is gone. Add the g…

Maida Chakuli Pitha

Orrisa has different types of pitha's some need a lot of work and experience and some are real easy to whip up. Maida Chakuli is one such recipe that you can whip up in like blink of an eye. Its really quick, easy and yummy. 


Maida – 1 cupChini ( Sugar ) – 1/2 cupPan Mahuri ( Aniseeds) – 2tspBanana: 1 (Over Ripe)Milk: as requiredTela ( Refind Tela ) – As per requirementLuna ( Salt ) – As per requirement
Procedure : 
Mash overripe banana into a paste
Add maida, sugar, aniseed and required water to mashed banana to make a semi liquid batter (similar to pancake batter). 
Whip well and keep it for 30 mins.
Heat tawa (non stick will be better) on a medium flame.
Spread a little oil (1tps) on the tawa.
Take the batter in a tablespoon and spread it on the tawa like a dosa.
Turn the pitha upside down after 1 min.
When turns golden brown from each side, remove it from tawa and serve it hot.

It can be served with your fav side dish like or enjoy it just like that.
Till then happy blogging