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Rabri(Scrapped Cream Pudding)

Rabri is an Indian and Pakistani sweet dish. Rabri is mostly made in north, central and western India .  Rabri is the main ingredient in several desserts, such as rasaballi, chhena kheeri, and kheersagar.  Ingredients:
Milk: 4 cupsSugar: 1/4 cupAlmonds: 6
Recipe: In pan (Preferably non-stick) bring the milk to a boil, stirring occasionally. As a layer of cream forms on top, move layer to the edges, slightly pushing it up the sides of the pan and leaving it to set. Continue this process till milk is reduced to about 1 cup. Add sugar, still till sugar is dissolved. Remove the pan from heat. Scrape the cream form the sides of the pan into the milk and mix. Place rabri in a serving bowl, garnish with shaved almonds or nuts of your choice.
Serve at room temperature or cold and enjoy. Till then happy blogging Rakhee

Pudina/Mint Pulao

This year my pudina(mint) plant is flourishing like crazy. Its every where and is trying to take over my whole vegetable garden. So I have been trying to make more and more recipes with it. Mint is really good for you but the thing with it is, it over powers very other taste very easily, so u cannot use it too much.  So you might see more than a few recipes using mint soon. Here is my first one. Ingredients  For the pudina juice
Pudina(Mint)leaves  - 1 cup loosely packedCoriander leaves- Half a bunchGrated coconut-Half a cup      Cinnamon-1 bigCloves- 4-5Bay leaf-1Green chillies- 2  or (as required)Ginger: 1/2 a inchGarlic – 2 cloves
For Pulao:
Basmati Rice- 1 cupOnions – 1 large thinly slicedCarrot -1 big cubedFresh peas- Half a cupBeans- 10 -12 in number cut into 1/2 inch Ghee-1 tbspOil- 1 tbspJeera-1 tspWater- one cup (Water has to be adjusted with the amount of pundina juice obtained)Salt to taste
Procedure: For the pudina juice Grind together the required ingredients[mentioned above,for th…

Kancha Kadali Bara (Raw Banana Tikki)

Here is a quick recipe from the oriya kitchen that can be served both as a yummy snack or a side dish with rice. Ingredients: Raw Banana (kancha kadali): 2 potatoes:2Bread: 2 slices (crumbled)onion:1 medium finely choppedgreen chillies:2 choppedchili powder:½ teaspoon coriander leaves:1 sprig refined cooking oil:2 to 3 tablespoon salt to taste
Procedure: Wash the  banana (Kadali) and potatoes well.  Presure-cook them in water for 2 to 3 minutes.  Then peel the skin of the plantains and potatoes and mash them well.  Now add bread crumbs, chopped green chillies, chopped onion, chilli powder, coriander leaves, and salt to taste.  Mix them well  and make tikkis out of the mix  YThen heat the cooking oil on a non-stick pan.  Shallow-fry the tikki on the non-stick pan. 
Serve hot with ketchup or chutney of your choice and enjoy. Till then happy blogging Rakhee

Palak Tava Tikki

Spinach is real good for you. But I am not a huge fan of it. Some how Tanmaya loves to buy big pack of it from costco. Most of the time I would be half way through the pack and the rest would go bad.
This time I decided to not let that happen.
So here is an experiment with tikki.


spinach: 2 bunches cleaned and finely choppedpotatoes: 2 boiled, peeled and mashedonion:1 large finely choppedgreen chills: 2-3 finely choppedgrated ginger: 1 1/2 tbspscoriander leaves: 2 tbsp choppedbread :4-5 slices crumbledcoriander seeds: 1 tbsp  coarsely poundedamchur pwd (dry mango pwd): 1 tspsalt to tasteoil for shallow frying
Combine all the above ingredients (except oil) and shape into patties. 
Refrigerate for 20 mts.
Heat a non-stick tawa and drizzle some oil and place 4-5 kebabs and shallow fry on both sides till brown.
Serve hot with tomato sauce or date and tamarind chutney and enjoy.
It was a hit with tanmaya and am gonna make it again soon.
Till then happy blogging