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Vegetable Jhalfraezi

Vegetable Jhalfraezi is a spicy vegetable preparation with crunchy vegetables. It goes great with roti or naan.
Ingredients :
Potatoes: 2 medium cut into wedgesCauliflower: 1/4 medium separated into floretsCarrot:1 medium cut into thick stripsFrench beans: 10-12 cut into 1/2 inch piecesOil: 2 tablespoonsCumin seeds: 1 teaspoonDried red chillies: 2Onions: 2 chopped and 1 thickly sliced3 mediumSaltto tasteTurmeric powder:1/4 teaspoonRed chilli powder:1 1/2 teaspoonGinger-garlic paste:2 tablespoonsTomato puree:1 cupGaram masala powder:1/2 teaspoon
Procedure: Heat oil in a non stick pan.  Add cumin seeds, red chillies and chopped onions to the pan and sauté.  Add baby corns, potatoes, cauliflower, carrot, tindora, French beans, salt, turmeric powder and ½ tsp red chilli powder and mix well.  Cover and cook, stirring and tossing occasionally, till vegetables become tender. Separate layers of the sliced onion and add. Add ginger-garlic paste and mix. Cover and continue to cook. Add tomato puree, 1 ts…

Vratwale Aloo

I am little late on this but still wanna wish all the Oriya ladies a blessed Savitri.  Savitri Brata or Savitri Amavasya  is a fasting day observed by all Hindu Oriya married women on the Amavasya, the last day of the dark fortnight, in the month of Jyestha. Married Hindu women, whose husbands are alive, observe it as a vow with great dedication and pray for their husband to have a long life. The word reflects the origin and significance of the Vat-Savitri puja. The fast is dedicated to Savitri and Satyavan; her husband who was destined to die within one year but was brought back to life by her penance. The God of death, Yama, is implored by Savitri when he is about to leave his body. Due to her sheer determination and devotion to her husband, she won him back to life. Soon Satyavan regained his lost kingdom. That was about the puja in short. Ladies observing the fast don't eat anything cooked and spend the day only on fruits and water. But there are situations when one cannot fast c…

Shahi Gobi

After a long time I finally got some time to cook something different and blog about it. Being a mom is really not easy. Had no idea that it would take away all my time and energy.  So cooking something new has been far from my mind. But I had enough of fast food and subways as a getaway. So finally cooked a new dish. 

Ingredients :

Cauliflower:1 smallBay leaves:1 tspTomato:1 large choppedCloves:4Onion:1 large slicedPepper corn:6Garlic:1 cloveGinger:1 inch pieceSaltto tasteHeavy Cream: 1/2 cupTurmeric Powder:¼ tspCilantro leaves -chopped1 handfulCoriander Powder2 tspChilly Powder2 tspOilas reqd. for frying

Preparation :
Separate the cauliflower florets, wash them under running water and put them in warm water for 5 minutes to remove any impurities.  
Strain and pat dry with  a paper towel.
Heat oil in a skillet and deep fry the cauliflower florets till light brown. 
Spread them out on a plate lined with paper towel to take out the excess oil.
Grind together onion, ginger & garlic to fine …