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Gajar Ka Halwa

Well its really difficult on part of my husband to give a surprise. To my real surprise my hubby dear wished me woman's day in Michales the arts shop and wanted to pick up anything I want to :)

So I though I should treat him with his fav sweet dish, and prepared gajar ka halwa.Its a famous north indian sweet dish made of carrot, milk ans Ghee.

Carrot is a root vegetable, usually orange in color, though purple, red, white and yellow varieties do exist. It has a crisp texture when fresh.

Ok so on to make gajar ka halwa we need :

1 KG Carrots
1 lt Milk
4 tablespoon Ghee
2 tablespoon raisins
2 tablespoon almonds
2 tablespoon pistachios
450 gm Sugar

Now different people make it different ways and it comes out different every time one cooks it.
* Wash and grate the carrots.
* Fry the dry fruits in ghee.
* Add rest of the ghee in a pan when its hot, add 1 tablespoon sugar, once the sugar is brown, add the carrots.
* Fry the carrots till is almost dry add all the milk. Keep St…

Something About me!!

Hi all, howdy???
Thanks for reading my blog. Before starting my blog I would like to talk a little about myself. Being a leo I love to do that ;)

Ahh there is nothing much to talk about. I am just a small town gal, one dad's princess, who grew up with all the love in the world.
I love reading blogs they are so informative. I had always wanted to start one of my own, but studies and job had always kept me busy. Now that after marraige I have quit my job and moved to US where getting a work permit is so difficult now, I have all the time in the world to start my own blog.
Now to start a blog one needs to have a topic, that's a tuff thing to decide. I realized what can be better than talking about what is cooking in life, all the new places I visit, all the feelings and ofcourse all the wonderful recipes in the world. All the yummy food that my mom has been serving me all these days and all the experiments I have been doing on my sweetheart :)
So here I am with my first blog where I …