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Chuda Bhaja

When I was a kid and craving for something yummy, I just had to look at Mom with cute puppy dog eyes and she would know what I want.
Today was such a day when I really wanted to taste something made by my sweet Mom but of-course for that I have to take a flight for 24-36 hrs all the way back home which is really not a good option.
So I decided to try something special to my heart and my Dad's all time fav "Chuda Bhaja".
So lets see what I need for this :
Chuda (Chidwa): 1 cupGreen Chillies: 2-3 depending on how spicy you want.Potato : 1 small ChoppedOnion : 1 small ShreddedPeanuts: 1/4 of a cup.Oil: 2 tbpsCurry leavesLets see how to make this easy, yummy snack.
Heat the pan and fry the Chuda without oil till nice crispy. Remove it and toast the peanuts. Once the peanuts are roasted remove it from the pan. Add oil to the pan and add curry leaves and chopped green chillis. Once the chillies and curry leaves are nicely fried add the potatoes and fry till almost cooked. Now add the…


Rasagulla mmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!
These has been traditional oriya sweet for centuries now. I know I know what you are thinking this is a bengali dish. I agree that a lot of people believe that rasagulla is a part of Bengali Cuisine. But the truth is it made its debut in Orissa first centuries ago.
These has been a traditional offering to Goddess Lakshmi in the Puri T emple for since for ever.
Now for those who are new to Indian cuisine these are a very popular cheese bases syrupy sweet dish.
The cheese we use is generally fresh homemade cottage cheese.
Till date I had always had store bought rasagullas and never tried at home, so I decided to try these for the first time from the scratch.
This is what I used.....
Chenna (Fresh Homade cottage cheese) : around 250gmWater : 6 cupsSugar : 1 cupGreen Cardamon : 4 crushedThe list is pretty small isn't it :)
So is the process.
Knit the cheese into a smooth paste.
Make balls out of that. The size of the rasagulla depends on how big…